Digitizing Your Office Processes

We live in the golden age of technology where people can attend meetings with other business owners half way across the world without even leaving their seat in their office and people work for companies that are five thousand miles away from the comfort of their own homes and yet, in most offices, staff continue to use countless stacks of paper to print out documents to share among themselves when all of this information can easily be shared on the internet or uploaded on the cloud for easy access by the whole office if needed. It takes thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of trees daily to meet the paper demands of the world every day and this is completely unnecessary given the fact that we are able to manage perfectly well without having to print these documents. Document sharing has never been this easy and communication is as easy as the click of a button.

Reduce paper and printing
Make an effort to have your staff reduce the amount of paper that they use on a daily basis and to reduce the amount of prints they take in a day. Encourage them to use personal storage space to store your stuff within the cloud and have an intranet connection if necessary to make sharing of documents easier.

Excessive printing has sadly become a habit with this generation and it is no doubt going to be a habit that is difficult to break. For this reason, you will need to have strict rules in place in addition to self storage space in Singapore for each of your staff on the cloud or on an internal network so as to make the transition easier for each and every one of them.

Create awareness
You will find that your staff may not take too easily to these changes and as such, you will need to use some time to educate them and make them aware of why these changes are extremely necessary. You need to show them documentaries on the environmental impact of paper and the necessity to reduce deforestation for our very survival. You will also need to point of the massive cost saving that can be made by reducing paper use and printing and show them that a cost saving for the company means better benefits for each of your staff. You can even make it interesting by asking your staff to come up with different ideas for efficiency within the office and different ways that the staff and the business as whole can reduce their environmental foot print.