Double The Fun At A Party: Tips And Tricks

Everyone knows that a party is supposed to be all fun and games. The nature of fun however, changes from time to time. Disco lights would tear up a party in the 1960’s but is not as popular today; the selfies that everyone is obsessed with today would have baffled the attendees of a party just 20 years ago. What makes a party absolutely “dope” today (without there actually being dope)? Here is a look at a few things that are popular in parties today.

Say Cheese!
Imagine you are at a party in Singapore photo booth rules the crowds. Today’s youth culture is all about the perfect picture and they will take 5, 10, even 20 pictures to get it. The photo booth is very popular among the young crowd because it allows them to show off a creative side by posing with props like fake handlebar moustaches, large spectacle frames, silly Mad Hatter-esque hats, googly eye glasses and many more. There are also signs like “BFFs!”, “”#hot” and “Like” with the thumbs-up sign for the posers to hold up. Depending on the theme of the event, the backdrop will change to reflect it and will be a good way to remember the event in case the official photos do not have a chyron.

Special Guests
In addition to a photo booth, you can also have a special character or cosplayer who is dressed up to suit the theme. Everyone hires a Santa Claus for their Christmas party but no one thinks of applying the same principle for other parties. If it is a child’s birthday party, hire an actor to dress up as their favourite cartoon or movie character. Even adult’s parties could use a little fantasy; have spider man turn up and work an upside down photo op and it will be a guaranteed hit with the ladies. Some parties that are patterned after fandoms will hire cosplayers (costume players) who specialize in dressing up as a particular character. As conventions like Comic Con roll around, these parties become more frequent.

Social Media Feed
No one does anything worth talking about today without announcing it before or after the fact on social media. Social media provides a fun way for people to connect to friends and family from far away, or a place to boast about their achievements. It is also a good way to connect to special events. Put up a white screen and a projector and have a rolling feed from any of the most popular social media sites. Have multiple feeds if possible; give prominence to the one you frequent. Recommend a special hashtag or user handle that everyone talking about the party on social media can use and then make sure it gets displayed on the screen. These elements make any dull party fun – try it and see.