Organizing A Potluck Party

If you have a friend whose birthday is coming or even if you are looking to organize a small meet up between your friends, a pot luck is an extremely fun and inexpensive way to have the most fun while spending the least amount of money. Of course, it can take a little extra planning but it all becomes worth it at the end because potlucks have been proven time and time again to be a lot of fun.
Make a planYou will need to start planning out the activities for the night in addition to the guest lists. Some really fun activities and games include escape room games which can provide hours of entertainment fun for every person in attendance. You may need to purchase a game from a game store or you could even consider creating your own do it yourself version with your friends.
It would useful for you to check out a Singapore escape room review online to find out if you would like the games and you can also choose to run it by some of the other people attending to make sure they like the games too.
In order to organize a successful pot luck, you will need to start by creating a guest list. Make a list of all your closest friends who you think would like to be a part of the pot luck and then create an email invite explaining what the party is all about and how it would work. You would need to ask each person to commit to bringing something to the party. In most cases, the attendees of a pot luck would bring food and drinks but you can leave the options open as some people may have games and other things that they would contribute to the party. You would need to have a list with all of the food pledges to make sure that no two people are bring the same things to the party and also to make sure that you do not miss anything important.
In addition to the guest list and pledge list, make a separate list that would state all the essentials that you would need for the party so that you can tick things off as people pledge them. Some essentials would of course include the drinks for the party and the amount of food. In other words, if you need fifteen liters of drinks, you can have different people pledge a certain number of liters until the fifteen liters have been cover and have a similar method for regulating food to make sure everyone gets something to eat.