Starting A Home Based Online Catering Business

If you are a person that loves to cook and you have received many amazing reviews for the food that you make, you may want to consider starting a home based catering business. If you like most people, dream of owning your own restaurant one day, this is the place to start. The first thing you will need to do is to create a menu and have a tasting for friends and family. You will want to include almost everything that you know how to make and give each of the people invited to your tasting a review card asking them for their honest reviews. Have each item listed on the sheet with a rating between one and ten allowing each of your guests to rate each product that you have made. You will also want to have a small blank area at the bottom of your review card that will let guests give their own comments and ideas about which dishes should go on your final menu. Ideally you will want between twenty five to fifty people at your tasting in order to get a wide enough audience and allow for changes in each person’s tastes. Once you have done this, you should be able to get a clear idea about which items to put on your menu and for which items there is a demand and get a latest technology.
Create a long term budgetWhen you start your business, you may not have any expenditure and you may not need to invest any big money in to your business however, you need to be prepared for the money you will need to invest in to your new business as it grows. You will need to buy equipment such as rfid solutions and on the long run even a passive UHF as your orders increase in order to shorten your delivery time.
If you begin with ten customers, you should be able to manage fine manually entering all of the orders and writing out receipts and such but as your business increased to one hundred or two hundred, you will no longer have time to manually take down orders and manually write out receipts which is why you need to plan your business out for the future. If you continue with the same processes you used when you first started, you will find that your time from the order to the delivery will be too high for you to deliver to all of your customers and you will end up disappointing many of your customers when they do not receive their food in time.