This Is My Story And Who I Am!

I love modeling. And if I say my passion is for that, which would be even more reasonable. Even from my childhood I was a girl who wanted to pick my own dresses. I always wanted to become so independent. Matching your outfits, doing little touch ups on your own, maintaining your look are things that a lady should practice to herself to do. I am not telling that you have to leave all your other things away and totally concentrate on this point. But, it is worth to give a try.

Like every other lady on this planet, even I had a downtime too. I had to face a nerve wracking road accident one day. The serious damage was not on my body but on my mind. The scars and scratches all over my face left me nowhere. As I said, I told you that I am a really responsible person when it comes to my good look. I always make sure that I do my level best to uplift who I am among the rest. But at last, I felt like I lost almost everything, everything that I ever had.

The face that I used to take care, nourish was finally gave me a look like a shattered glass. I told you I lost everything, because though I was able to secure myself from that bad dream, still my mind was running out for the good old times that I enjoyed. Scars in your hearts are the most dangerous ones which cannot be easily cured.

Seeing me all down all day long was a tough thing to my family, who were always by my side. Therefore, one day they took me to a famous face lift singapore.

As I had certain scratches all over my body including the face, I had to meet several aesthetic doctors on different treatments and book a consultation. They briefed me out the process and how long will it take. What sort of precautions I should take after the treatments. But I can tell you one thing for sure, I never had faith. That left me even from the very beginning.

By that time, I had to say good bye for my passionate profession. I was totally out from the trade at a stretch. I really did not want to step out from my comfort zone either.

As prescribed by the doctors, I went through their medical practices. Days went on, I started to realize that I am recovering gradually. Finally I am back with my ever loving look by my side. I got what I want, my job, my confidence, my recognition, almost everything, including hopes.