When You Choose To Hire?

When you realize that you are short in staff and need to hire employees that would finish assigned tasks with efficiency – you have subconsciously signed yourself up for a game of pick or eliminate. As you will be going through pages and papers full of so many people that would be applying for the position that they are presented with. Skimming through the sent in application and narrowing down the bundles to scan through would be a tedious task. But hiring is important and therefore this is a task that you would need to undertake regardless of the difficulty and dislike.

Understand your needs
Before you post an advertisement for a position that is made available in your company, it would be best to simply break down and understand as to what you require from someone who is hired for this position. As, a receptionist would need to handle the calls and deal with all the clients that walk in through the front door and in this case it would be important to hire someone who had great interaction skills and has an optimistic, cheery vibe to their souls – as these people would be the most suited to take up the job. In such a way, it is essential that you understand as to exactly what qualifications that the person required must possess. And after this is done, one could simply go and go and post the open vacancy.

Explain the service you offer
A good vacancy post would explain all the essential requirements that he applicant must possess as well as what the company offers. One must explain as to why the company is great as it is said to be for the interested candidates to know that this opportunity is worth their time. From showing the benefits offered to employees and all the policies that the company lives by would be some examples to add. For instance one could say that their company follows the implementation of the OHSAS 18001 in Singapore.

And gives the new hired employees the BIZSAFE training procedure to ensure high quality service and safety. It would not be a bad idea to promote the best points to attract the best potentially new employees.

Going for the best
After the applications have been sent in, it would now be the difficult part. Attempting to figure out who to hire and for what exact reasons. As some may possess academic qualifications, some may possess experience and some may possess both and deciding on who to hire may be a bit of a struggle to say the least. Although, it must always be remembered that the qualification on paper may not be as great when met in person, this would be meeting for in person interviews after skimming through and choosing a few applicant would be a good idea.