Wedding Photography Styles To Consider

When it comes to wedding photography, it’s easy to assume that once you place an order that’s all there’s to it. However, to avoid disappointment, it is best to talk to your photographer about the style of the photos you are expecting. With a number of choices available out there in the industry today, consider knowing the different types you can choose from so that the discussion with your photographer will be an easier one.
Pre-wedding shootsIf you are considering to pay for pre-wedding photography, decide on when and where you want to have it. You will need to check if the people you want in the pictures are free on the day of the shoot and if you want certain attire to be worn for it. This way you can ensure a smooth process on the day with people who are sure to join and arrangements made to avoid delays and disappointments.
Classic photographyClassic photography is the usual wedding photos you’ve been seeing over the ages. The couple and bridesmaids and groomsmen posing in front of the camera, looking directly at it and being captured. This classic photography method is quite nice to keep in with the traditions and some may prefer these pictures in black and white just to accentuate the feel of vintage wedding photography. This type of photography is best done with film cameras instead of digital as it gives off a very subtle and warm tones of colour as opposed to digitally vibrant pictures.
However, the same style of photography can be used with a modern twist to it. For example, there are present day innovative poses where the bride twirls in her bridal gown in Singapore and the photographer captures a magical moment with her veil in midair flowing down against gravity. These are generic images but with a new twist to it, but still incorporate the traditional classic look and feel.
Storybook / documentary photographyThis is the more modern in terms of style of photography. The photographer needs to ensure that they capture micro moments or simple moments and make them extra ordinary. These capture the actual essence of the day and rarely include posed images. Since a lot of wedding today focus on intricate and out of the box decor, it is recommended to feature them in the wedding images, like the candle lit jars sitting quaintly on a wooden ladder while the couple sits on a bench sharing a romantic moment. Another great example, is a point of view approach where the photographer captures the point of view of the guests.
The options are endless when it comes to photography styles, from lighting to cameras to photography views. It’s best to research into these types and understand what you’d like to capture in the pictures instead of leaving it in the hands of the photographer and being disappointed at the end result with the moment already long passed. Communicate clearly with the requirement and ensure that a pre-wedding shoot covers your expectations.