When Your Nails Hurt

Do your toenails hurt from time to time? It might be after something heavy has fallen on your feet, or maybe when you end up running into a foot of your furniture or wall corner (and often, it is the little toe that suffers the most). In such cases, we often find our toenails bleeding and treat them then and there, but there are lesser obvious reasons that can cause our toenails to hurt. This can be wearing shoes a size or two smaller than what we need, or being generally very active in our day to day lives. Such reasons simply pose a minor stress on our feet and toenails – but this stress can accumulate over time and cause great pain. Unfortunately, we tend to seek medical help only when the pain becomes intolerable – when in fact, we should have done so much earlier.

The principal reason behind pain in the nails of your foot is often an ingrown toenail, which is basically a situation where your toenail has grown into the skin surrounding the toenail. A toenail can grow inwards due to a number of reasons, such as the above mentioned wearing of tight shoes or being very active, but it can also be caused by poor toenail trimming habits. You should note here that the skin which surrounds your toenails (and even nails of your fingers of course!) are perfectly capable of having a certain amount of nail growing inwards – and it is normal enough to have a certain amount growing inwards. However, the issue becomes problematic when the skin becomes infected due to the bacteria present in the nail. In this case, the skin will become inflamed, and that is when you will first feel the pangs of a nail growing inwards – and need the help of a foot doctor in Singapore.

At first, the pain will not persist continuously – it will most probably come and go, and cause you to not pay much attention to it. However, when the infection is ignored for a long period of time, it will spread to the rest of your toe, all the way to the toe bone. In such extreme situations, you will definitely need to seek medical help, who might have to even perform an ingrown toenail surgery (do not worry though, most of the time, only the offending part is removed!).

If you act soon enough however, you can prevent having your toenail removed. As soon as you notice a toenail growing inwards, soak your entire foot in hot water about four times daily. You can add antibiotics or soap to the water. Proceed to then push the skin away from the nail with a cotton bud dabbed with olive oil, and carefully clip the nail. All done!